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Samsung / HTC /
Sony Mobiles

Windows 8
(+any older version)  


Apple's MAC

Linux OS

Native MySql
Native Excel

Native PDF Support

Native OpenOffice Supoort

Featured Products

Fastest Face Recognition System
Support Varying light conditions
No need of pre-enrolment.

MERCI iPhotoCrop
Fastest Photo Cropping System
Automatic Face Detection

App-Mobile Messaging System

  • MGarFab
    For Cloth Trading Business with Business Management & Controls
  • MLoom
    For Power Looms Business with Business Management & Controls
  • MAdhat
    For Cloth Adhat Business with Business Management & Controls
  • MEmbo
    For Embroidery Jobwork Business with Business Management & Controls
  • MPort
    Inland Container Depot / Sea Port Management System
  • MMaterials
    Large Scale Materials Management System

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(tm) -Saves Your Time & Money
Multi OS Software Development Platform

Fastest & Most Reliable Software Development Platform.

Design Once & Run On Multiple OS.

Multiple OS Runtime Environment.

Least Customer Support Required.

Deploy Databases Locally or over the Cloud.

Suports Single / Multiple / Network models.

Native support for MySql, ADO, OLEDB, ODBC, DBF, XLS, DOC etc.Output to web with CGI/PHP/JAVA runtime environments.

On the fly data migration to and from Cloud/International Server

Lightweight deployment - only 2mb Footprint.

Supports Windows 32 / 64bit, MAC, Linux, iPhone, Android etc.

Supports Branding.

Supports Online Transactions.

Automates License Control for Application Security.

Automated Application Sales, Distribution & Revenue Generation.

Automated Reporting & Integrated runtime graphical analytic engine.

Designed for Individuals, company, corporates. Be it developer or end users.

Automates software logic as well as Screen Layouts. Integrated Theme Designer automates complete GUI customizations.

Supports Application development for Business as well as high end Machine control (automation) needs.

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