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Face Recognition Technology.              
For all your security needs…

MERCI FACCESS has been developed for identifying and authenticating workers/employees/visitors users using Live IP Cameras, automatically in real-time. It is primarily focussed on Attendance or Security solution deployment.  


  • Employee/Worker attendance - From 2 to 5000+ employees.
  • Visitor Management System.
  • Realtime Biometric authentication system,  enables touchless, non-intrusive biometric authentication.
  • Video-based person identification with automatic face identification.
  • Ensured zero memory leaks and no lockups during operation.
  • Multi-threaded performance offers additional performance benefits on today’s multi-core CPU’s
  • Controls the gates/turnstiles etc. using standard industrial automation solutions.
  • Generates In-Out log in raw text format.
  • Fully configurable format for output log file. Supports TXT, CSV, RAW formats.
  • Outputs: Camera No. & Gate No. on which the person was detected, along with date, time, person’s internal id and person’s linked id.
  • Output file can be imported in any software using text reading techniques or Excel for reading CSV formats.
  • Output file may be emptied by the data processing program once the data is received and processed by it.
  • FACCESS is fully configurable to operate on multiple gates, detect faces from multiple IP cameras simultaneously, operate signals and alarms.
  • Restrict person’s entry on basis of time/hour for entry as well as exit, and date of week.
  • Approx. 100 to 200 mb of disk space is used for enrollment of 1000 employees (depending on accuracy and other parameter conditions).
  • FACCESS optionally supports motion detection, live video recording for up to 50 cameras.


  • No need of issuing and maintaining physical ID Cards or other form of token. Face is itself the token.
  • No more BUDDY MARKING / PROXY marking.
  • No more costs on loss of physical cards.
  • Fastest recognition system possible.
  • Fastest enrollment of new persons. No time wastage on gates. (Approx. 2-5 seconds)