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We are hiring Sales/ marketing persons as well as Software Developers..

FACCESS - Face Based Attendance System for Businesses over 200 Employees. NO MAINTENANCE / SERVICES REQUIRED

MERCI INSTANT ERP For Every Business

MERCI ERP is deployed and implemented instantly within several hours to your company as per your tailored reqirements.

MERCI ERP is the world's fastest software, generates accurate reports within 0.5 seconds, with perfection in bug free data management, & with the smallest footprint of only 2 mb. It uses MySql as its prime backend and conforms to the latest and accurate SQL standards.

  Be Connected with your Mobiles/Tablets.  

  • Dyeing Houses
  • Power Looms
  • Cloth Manufacturing
  • Online Retail Business through Amazon/Flipkart/Snapdeal...
  • Diamond Manufacturing
  • Cloth Adhat
  • Cloth Agency
  • Stores Management
  • Construction Company
  • Payroll Management
  • Consignment Business
  • Electronics stores
  • Embroidery Units
  • Chartered Accountant Office Management
  • Yarn Manufacturing / trading.
  • Port Management
  • Finance Company
  • Bread Manufacturing
  • Power Looms
  • Excise Management
  • Sanitaryware Business
  • And many more...